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Good to Go: 8 Weeks to a Healthy Body and Mind, by Jayne McAllister

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Fotolia_61209081_XSEvery time I turn on the TV, I’m bombarded with weight loss ads and quick, sure-fire ways to lose the requisite poundage to fit into the world’s itsiest bitsiest bikini/evening dress/lingerie. Straightforward enough perhaps, but what these weight loss wizards fail to take into account is that there are several million of us juggling airport transits, hotel dining, client entertaining, in-flight meals, substandard workout rooms, odd hours and jet lag. Oh, and family. We’re supposed to keep everything together, look and feel fabulous, and be the best ever at our job.

Flashback to five years ago and there was I charging through airports grabbing lattes and muffins for breakfast, skipping lunch unless it was with a client, and hoping I’d get to my destination before the bar closed so I could knock down a glass of Merlot or two to help me sleep. At times I was skinny, although puffy…

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