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This is from my friend Natalia’s wonderful blog, “Hot, Cheap and Easy.” I like the idea of not having to peel the squash plus I love anything grilled!

Hot, Cheap & Easy

This simple recipe for grilled butternut squash is another Padushi special, straight out of his crumbling crazy-ass diet (for new readers, the crazy-ass diet is some sort of vegan-gone-completely-over-the-edge thing that consists primarily of carrots, beets, and potatoes, and doesn’t let you combine veggies that grow above the ground with veggies that grow below the ground in the same meal. Don’t ask.)

He is, thankfully, no longer strictly on it anymore, although there are still moments of madness.

Much of what he made for the crazy-ass diet was okay eating. Some of it was just this side of edible. But this recipe, which takes the unusual step of grilling the squash, is really delicious in its own right.

It was especially handy during the power outages following Hurricane Sandy, as butternut squash, a native American squash in the Cucurbita family, is in season, doesn’t need refrigeration and the grill runs…

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