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MILEHIGH_FRONT_FINALMile High & Healthy: The Frequent Traveler’s Roadmap to Eating, Energy, Exercise and a Balanced Life is available on or, if you want a signed copy, directly from me at

Mile High & Healthy was featured on and hailed as “A breakthrough book (…) taking the reader on a variety of journeys discussing everything from the physiological impacts of travel to detailed analysis of how travelers can wrest control of the chaos that constitutes today’s business trip.” Kathryn McCreedy, “Could New Airline Regs Result From Road Warrior Stress?” Read the full Forbes article.

Mile High & Healthy is a one-stop shop for the frequent traveler. Learn:

  • How to eat healthily on the road from airport food courts to restaurants to business meals.
  • The best kind of exercises for the frequent traveler and how to squeeze in a workout even when you think there isn’t enough time.
  • How to sustain energy levels, ditching spikes and lulls, and last all day without caffeine and sugar crutches.
  • How to eliminate jet lag from your life without gimmicks, supplements or gadgets, and how to improve sleep quality.
  • How to avoid illness when traveling, from stomach upsets to barotrauma to deep vein thrombosis.
  • How to get a good night’s sleep on the road.
  • How to choose how you react to stressful situations.
  • How to carve out time for yourself in an impossible schedule.


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