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Jayne McAllister is a sought-after speaker on the topic of travel wellness.  Injecting her British sense of humor into the very serious topic of diet and overall wellness, Jayne clarifies much of the confusion around exercise and nutrition with lively, interactive, and memorable presentations, while imparting her expert tips that have kept her fit and healthy on the road for over 20 years.  Jayne loves to share her passion for wellbeing at conferences, company meetings and retreats.  Jayne has appeared on local and national television, and extensively on national radio.

Jayne’s Signature Talks include:

  • How Travel Affects Your Health
  • From Hotel to Home, How The Frequent Traveler Can Eat Out 3 Times A Day without Gaining a Pound
  • How to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine, Cookies or Cinnamon Buns
  • How Better Physical Health Can Lead to More Business Success

Talks for general audiences

  • From Powerless to Empowered: 5 Easy Steps to Controlling Your Food Choices
  • Dusting off the Dietary Fall from Grace: How to Realign Your Eating Habits and Get off the Rollercoaster.
  • How alcohol affects your weight
  • How to Survive Business Meals, Family Get-Togethers and Other Social Obligations without Packing On Pounds or Looking Like a Party Pooper
  • How Food Can Affect Your Stress Levels & How to Make Sure It Doesn’t

All talks are unique and tailored to your audience.  Jayne can deliver them in French and Spanish too.


“Jayne McAllister is a motivating, professional, knowledgeable and inspiring speaker.  Jayne engages her audience with interactive exercises and humor that go well beyond reading slides from a PowerPoint presentation.  Her Healthy Body lecture series at Windsor was well received and attendees came away with steps they could start implementing immediately.  Each talk was well researched, entertaining and current in its content.  Jayne is very knowledgeable about the topics on which she speaks and invests a lot of time tailoring her talks to her audience.”

Karen Phillips, Director of Fitness, Windsor Club, Florida


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