30 Tips for Staying Slim and Sane Through the Holidays: Part 11

Holiday Survival Tip #26: Be ready for your New Year’s Party

party at nightclubFor whatever reason, New Year’s Eve is the night when we’re expected to look our very best and positively shine.  It’s almost cruel that we should have to look our very best right after a month of partying between Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas.  So, take out your New Year’s outfit now and leave it where it’s visible.  Ahem, that applies to the guys too. There’s nothing worse than a too-tight-tux.  Having a visual of your dress or suit will help you stay on track for the next few weeks.

Ladies, the last thing you want to do is run out and buy a new dress the day before the party.  That’s sad on more than one level, perhaps the saddest being that the sales don’t start until after New Year’s and you’ll see the same dress marked 50% off two days later!

Holiday Survival Tip #27: Make or Take a Healthy Option

Sometimes it’s easier to dine out at a restaurant because you can make your own choices.  When someone else is in control of your foodie destination, it can be a predicament if no healthy options are available.  The easy solution is to bring your light and healthy dish.  Most hosts will appreciate it.

Choose a veggie-laden side dish such as this tian ratatouille. I t won’t usurp the host’s culinary spectacles but it can be the star of your plate.

Holiday Survival Tip #28: Get Support and Accountability

Anybody who has ostensibly got their act together has a team of people helping them.  For most, it won’t be a full time team, but there will be a circle of support from friends and professionals.   Don’t be an island.  See who is receptive to and supportive of your path to health, and stay close to them.

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