10 Top Tips for Dining on Your Own

These are important points. Rather than hiding in your hotel room and living off room service, take the time to eat out on your own, enjoy the solitude and opportunity for mindful eating.


The summer can be a lonely time for some with family and friends disappearing off on summer jaunts and leaving behind those that may be committed to business or away travelling for work. Equally some people have jobs like teachers or airline staff and shift workers that allow them time off in the week/holidays when everyone else is working.

While people are happy to sit in a cinema, go to the gym or even travel the world on their own, solo dining can still be a daunting thought and strike fear into the heart when we contemplate eating alone in anything more sophisticated than a Pret a Manger without a companion.

Instead of shying away from the challenge, look on this time as an ideal opportunity to maybe treat yourself to menus and restaurants that you have been keen to try but perhaps have not been able to tempt others…

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