10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Check than Carry On (Even On A Business Trip)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the spirit of the Holiday weekend, here’s a fun one for the ladies.

I am the antithesis of the typical business traveler who squeezes all their belongings for a long trip into one neat, roll-on bag which deftly accompanies them onboard. I’m a firm believer in utilizing every millimeter of available space and every gram of weight that is afforded me.

Here is my rationale for this shocking revelation: I had to sit on the tarmac and in the air for many, many hours to earn the elite frequent flyer status that grants me, and anyone in my party, two free checked bags. Many airlines are charging for checked bags, so I’m darned well using my free allocation.

What does this have to do with healthy travel which is my cause?

  1. Having all the stuff you need stops you stressing.  In my case, it’s usually an extra book or two; my Jo Malone candle that gets rid of that ubiquitous hotel room smell; and a robe because I may not be in a hotel that provides them and I’d rather wear mine anyway.
  2. Being able to pack sneakers, a yoga mat, and a pair of Gliders (more about those to come in a future post – in the meantime, check out www.glidingdiscs.com) means you’re more likely to stick to your workout routine.
  3. You can pack healthy snacks so you have more control over what you eat, at least for breakfast and snacking.  Packets of oatmeal, miso soup, tubs of hummus, almonds and lentil chips usually share the space with other sundries in my suitcase.
  4. You can pack your flat iron or curling iron (hotels only provide hair dryers) which means you won’t have a bad hair day. Your mood will be better and you’ll be more productive.
  5. You won’t have to resort to re-wearing or reinventing an outfit because you can only fit one into your bag.  That’s a relief and a boon to self-confidence.
  6. You might see baggage claim as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.  You can check emails, return phone calls, pull up a dining app and select a restaurant for dinner, or just plain old people watch (my favorite).
  7. You can take all of your toiletries so you can keep your regular morning and evening routines.  This will give you a sense of control which reduces stress. Have you ever left on a trip and forgotten your make-up bag? I rest my case… You know what I’m talking about.
  8. If the airline misplaces (we don’t want to say “loses”) your bags, they’ll deliver them to  you when they locate them. This saves you from carrying them. You’ll be less susceptible to neck and lower back injury.
  9. In the unlikely event that the airline has misplaced your luggage permanently, you have a killer shopping opportunity which is a major stress reliever.
  10. Shoes. You can take more shoes. That really says it all.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Check than Carry On (Even On A Business Trip)

  1. Hmmm … while I get all your rationale I just can’t get there yet but it’s getting closer to a reality for me. Thanks Jayne!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. AND you can pack for mad European weather – 3 seasons in 1 day – and not shiver / roast for half the trip. Plus lugging a loaded carry-on through a transit airport is a deeply deeply shitty experience. Which also makes it harder to shop there!

  3. I’m with you, Sarah. Plus if I hadn’t taken thermals and woollies to England in February, the weather wouldn’t have been glorious!

  4. What a treasure trove I’m finding here. Outside of Pilates, such a wealth of information. You’ve been telling about your blog for ages and now I’m finally here.

    1. Thanks, Mariann. I’m going to be getting really active with this blog having just come back from a two-month trip during which I completed a book about healthy travel. I have many more tips to share!

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