10 Tips for Stress-free Travel

I have way more than ten tips on this topic and I look forward to sharing them with you over coming weeks.  These gems are borrowed from Business Traveller and they appealed to me because I actually practice them (apart from the mobile wallet but I’m thinking about it).  See how many you can incorporate into your next trip and please report back!

  1. Wear slip-on shoes. Don’t fumble with laces at airport security – invest in some quality slip-on loafers, deck shoes or pumps.
  2. Pay for lounge access. Flying economy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on chilling in an airport lounge. Most airline clubs sell day passes.  You can also sign up for Priority Pass or Airport Angel, which offer access for annual fees.
  3. Book flights intelligently. Weigh up price over convenience – arriving in the middle of the night or at rush hour has it drawbacks, as do long layovers.  Consider what time you will have to get up to catch that 6 AM flight.  Don’t make life hard for yourself.
  4. Don’t obsess over miles.  Focusing on how many points you earn can become addictive.  Try flying a different airline, pay extra to stay in a hotel you really love, and remember that status isn’t everything.
  5. Be organized. Poor planning can result in missed meetings and general confusion. Carry a detailed itinerary, keep documents in one place, and sync your smart phone with your desktop calendar.
  6. Decide your own black-out dates.  There are certain days of the year – birthdays and anniversaries in particular – when you might not want to travel.  Mark these off in your diary and don’t book a trip that clashes with them. Make sure you are getting your priorities right.
  7. Use a mobile wallet.  For those with Apple’s iOS 6 iPhone software, the Passbook app stores all your 2D-barcode enabled mobile boarding passes, cinema tickets, coupons, loyalty and reward cards in one place, and will even alert you when your flight is leaving.  Lemon (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and Google Wallet are other options.
  8. Wake up gently.  A blaring alarm clock or hotel wake-up call instantly puts you in a bad mood.  Try downloading a piece of music, the sound of the sea or noises of the jungle to your phone and ease yourself into consciousness.
  9. Establish a haunt.  Find a coffee shop or restaurant you love in a city that you frequent and visit it each time you’re in town- it will make you feel at home.
  10. Be appreciative.  Try to keep things in perspective.  It’s easy to get cynical, irritable and demanding when you travel frequently, but remembering the position of privilege you are in and looking on the bright side can do wonders for your temper.

Big thank you to the folks at Business Traveller (February 2013 issue) for these tips.  www.businesstraveller.com.

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