How To Fit Exercise Into A Trip When You Really Don’t Have Time!

Push upsHere’s the scenario: you leave the house at 6 AM to get an early flight.  Once at your destination, you go right into meetings.  After work, you stop off at your hotel to dump your luggage, then you go out for dinner with clients or colleagues.  After dinner, you return to the hotel and crash.  The next day you do it all over again.

Wait!  Something’s missing.  You didn’t take time to work out.  And let’s face it, you probably stayed in a hotel that had a work out room; you packed your sneakers so you could go for a run; you have Pilates and yoga workouts on your iPod; and you requested a room on the tenth floor so you could take the stairs at least once a day.

My point is that we all know that there are opportunities to work out while we’re traveling.  In most cases we come prepared, but circumstances have a habit of getting in the way.  What can we do when we struggle to gain control of our routine and prevent the inevitable spread of the waist and derriere that accompany sedentary days and frequent restaurant dining?

On the practical side, you can make up for it when you have the time.  If you’re having a week where you can’t workout every day, don’t throw in the towel. An “all or nothing” attitude can ruin your chances of staying trim on the road.  At some point in your week a 30 minute slot WILL open up and you can fit in a workout.  Maybe you’ll only work out a couple of times that week, but it’s okay.  Twice is better than not at all.

You can also break down your workout into smaller increments.  Let’s say you have ten minutes to spare or, better yet, you factor in ten minutes to your morning routine, you can do a lot in ten minutes!  Push-ups are the first exercise to come to mind because you use your own body weight, recruit a host of muscle groups, and they’re good for bone density.  You’ll get your heart rate up too and start your day feeling like you’ve done SOMETHING.

In ten minutes, you can do three variations of push-ups: elbows to ribs, elbows wide, reverse push-ups (hands by your hips, fingers forward, lift the hips, bend and straighten the elbows ten times).  Start with sets of ten and work up to 30.   Actually, that’ll take less than five minutes so you can throw in some ab work too.

By chunking down your workout, you might find that you can do another ten minutes later in the day.  A little something here and there will make a huge difference, and you’ll keep your morale up too.

Would it be helpful for you if I post some ten-minute workouts that you can do in your hotel room?  Please let me know.

1 thought on “How To Fit Exercise Into A Trip When You Really Don’t Have Time!

  1. Marie Keyburn Foster (Mum) April 21, 2013 — 12:45 pm

    You are doing a wonderful job

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